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We review the best alkaline water pitchers 2024. Our independent reviews and buyer’s guide will help you choose the best alkaline water pitcher for your needs. Discover how you can have round-the-clock access to alkaline water in your home by investing in an alkaline water pitcher today.


Alkaline water is booming in popularity across the United States and thousands of people are introducing it to their daily routines now you can easily create your own alkaline at home with a very affordable alkaline water pitcher.

Our team of experts have taken the time to assess the best pitchers on the market today and we can now reveal the top five alkaline water pitchers of 2024. See below for our independent product reviews and buyer’s guide.


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This BU-KO pitcher delivers when it comes to alkaline water.  It is advertised as producing water in the range of pH 8.5-10.0.  And, it consistently poured water with a pH of 9.6 in our tests.

It comes with a color-coded pH test strip.  This means you can verify the pH of the water at any time.  We think this is a great touch.  You can rest assured the pitcher is really working.


It comes with three water filters.  Each filter is rated to last for approximately five months.  This means you can enjoy freshly filtered water for the next 15 months before you even have to think about ordering new filters.

The filters use a multi-layered activated carbon design.  They contain layers of coconut shell, an ion exchange resin, natural mineral ball, negatively charged ceramic balls, and gauze.


The pitcher is really well designed.  Although it is quite big, it holds 118 Oz, (3.5 liters), of water, it feels well balanced when held by the handle.

It is made from ABS plastic – acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.  This means it is BPA-free and considered suitable for water contact and storage.  Great news for protection from chemical contamination.


The BU-KO is the best alkaline water pitcher on the market in 2024. It performs incredibly well and consistently produced alkaline water with a pH of 9.6 in testing.  It comes with 3 filters that will keep you going for 15 months and is made from robust food-grade ABS plastic.


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The pH Restore alkaline water glass pitcher from the Invigorated Water Store is one of the best alkaline water filter pitchers.  It is advertised as increasing water pH up to a super alkaline rating of pH 10. That’s an excellent score.

Note, alkalinity level achieved will vary depending on your water source.


This pitcher performs well when it comes to filtration. It uses a multi-stage long life filter which we are big fans of.  The filters are rated to filter 96 gallons of water. This is much more than your standard 80-gallon filter. That means more clean filtered water and less worrying about replacing filters.


The thing that really makes this alkaline pitcher stand out is – it’s made from glass. And not just any glass but robust, smash-resistant borosilicate glass.

The choice of glass material will appeal to those who prefer to avoid plastic. It is BPA-free and SGS certified. And, it comes with a mold resistant bamboo lid.


The pH Restore just looks great. It has an eye-catching elegant design. It really stands out when sitting on a countertop and weighing in at 3.4 lbs feels really sturdy in the hand.


This alkaline water pitcher is a great all-rounder and ticks a lot of boxes.  It doesn’t quite hit the same high performance levels of the best alkaline pitcher – but it still does a great job!  Its glass construction, bamboo lid, and elegant design will appeal to many.  And, its extra long life filter is a key factor in this invigorated water review.


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The EHM Ultra Premium alkaline water pitcher is a strong contender – and worth a look if you’re on a budget. It boasts an alkaline performance right up to 9.5 pH, depending on your water source.


It uses an activated carbon multi-layer filtration system – with six filtration layers. It comes with just one filter – but a replacement pack of six filters is currently retailing online at $23 US dollars.


This alkaline water pitcher has a large capacity. The pitcher itself can accommodate 128 Oz, (3.8 L), and can hold 68 Oz of filtered alkaline water when the filtration system is in place.


It is made from BPA-free plastic, which is a must in our book. And, it is advertised as being a convenient size to fit in your fridge. However, we found this was not the case as it was too tall to fit between our fridge shelves.


The EHM Ultra Premium alkaline water pitcher is a good option if you are looking for alkaline water on a budget. It performs well, but at a lower level compared to the higher placed pitchers. It boasts good alkalinity performance and uses a sturdy 6-stage activated carbon filtration system.


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The Seychelle PH2O uses a dual filter set-up system to enhance performance. The filters do a great job and are rated for removing lead, mercury, asbestos, benzene, VOCs, chloroform, arsenic, and more.


Each filter has a 100-gallon filtration capacity giving the dual set-up a 200-gallon life expectancy. This means you can filter 200 gallons of water before you have to worry about replacing the filters. That’s the equivalent of 640 x 20 oz bottles of water.


The pitcher raises the pH of tap water to an impressive 9.5 – depending on your water source. That’s a pretty good score considering it’s recommended not to drink water above a pH of 10.


We like the large capacity of this pitcher. It holds up to 64 oz of water. That’s equivalent to 1,892ml – almost 2 liters. We love the easy-to-handle ergonomic design with a comfortable easy-grip handle.


Like Bruce Springsteen, this pitcher was born in the USA. It is 100% USA-made and has been manufactured in an ISO 14000 certified facility that has 20+ years of manufacturing experience.


The Seychelle PH2O is a good all-round performer. It has a strong filter performance that comes with a long life 100-gallon capability. It has impressive alkaline performance up to pH 9.5. And, it is USA-made in an ISO 14000 certified facility that 20 years of experience.  They’re a major player in the best alkaline water filter pitcher market.


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Most alkaline water pitchers look similar at first glance but take a moment to consider the size and type that will best suit you. How big is your household? How many people will be using the pitcher?

These questions will give you an idea of the size of pitcher you need. Once you have a rough idea of how much alkaline water your household needs you can begin to narrow your search based on the size of the pitcher.

Pitcher type is another feature you need to think about. Do you want a pitcher that sits on your kitchen countertop, or would you prefer one that fits neatly into your fridge? You may prefer to chill your alkaline water. Some pitchers are specifically designed for storing inside a fridge.


Not all pitchers and alkaline water filters are designed equally. Take a look at the alkaline capacity of the pitcher before you commit to a purchase. Is there any information on how long the alkaline filter will last? And, how much water can you expect to filter over the lifespan of the pitcher?

Some calculations here could save you time and money in the long run. The cheapest pitcher on the market is rarely the best option. By choosing the best alkaline water pitcher from the start you will save money on replacing worn-out parts and filters.


The Best Alkaline Water Machines 2024

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Ask yourself – what type of filtration mechanism does it use? The two most common types are carbon and ceramic filters. The best alkaline pitchers employ a multi-stage process that not only alkalinizes the water but can also remove heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, and organic compounds.

As the water passes through the filter it physically contacts an activated element. This filtration element contains a media that attracts contaminants and tightly binds them in place. As the water passes through, these contaminants are trapped inside the filter.

Each pitcher is different, so check the specification for information on the filtration mechanism. In addition to alkalinizing water, common capabilities include water purification, remineralization, and ORP potential.  These play a central part of our alkaline water pitchers reviews.


How many filters does the pitcher use? Some pitchers operate using just one filter, but the best alkaline water pitchers use two. This doubles the filtration capacity of the pitcher and reduces the time it takes to filter and alkalinize the water.

Take a look at the product description to determine how many filters the pitcher uses. A pitcher that employs just one filter can function perfectly well – you’ll just have to wait a little longer on your alkaline water.  A small price to pay when you get one of the best alkaline water pitchers and filters.


Best Ionized Water Filters

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The best alkaline water pitchers don’t just make your water alkaline – they purify it as well. This process removes pollutants from your tap water making it safer and better-tasting to drink.

a glass of water

It makes sense to boost the quality of your drinking water as you alkalinize it. If this is something you’re interested in, take a look at what the pitcher offers in terms of water purification.

Things to look out for here are the removal of the most common contaminants in our water supplies – heavy metals, organic compounds, pesticides, chlorine, volatile chemicals, giardia, and cryptosporidium.


How long does it take for the source water to pass through the filter and become available to drink? Generally speaking, pitchers with two filters will perform better on this one.

The best alkaline pitchers will filter your water quickly and there will be very little waiting around. You can expect a full reservoir of water to pass through in 2-5 minutes. Check the product specification for information on filtration speeds and times.


Pros & Cons of an Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Do you want a pitcher that comes with a filter indicator? A filter indicator is a little device with a visual display on the side of the filter that will tell you when it is time to replace the filter.

Filter indicators are a great way of knowing when the time is right for switching out to a new filter. They remove the guesswork and ensure your pitcher is doing the job it’s designed to do.

Most filter replacement indicators work by counting the number of times the pitcher is used to pour out water. By counting the number of pours the indicator can determine when the filter has reached the end of its lifecycle.


The cost of replacing the filter is something you need to consider when buying an alkaline water jug. Take a look at the cost and availability of replacement filters.

The price of filters can vary significantly from one manufacturer to the other. Depending on usage and the model you go for – you can expect to replace the filters every 2-6 months.

Typically the pitchers on the cheaper end of the scale will require more frequent filter changes. Check to see if the pitcher you plan to buy comes with a replacement filter. Some manufacturers offer replacement filters along with the pitcher when you first buy it.


Take a look at the materials used to manufacture the jug. The majority of alkaline pitchers are made from plastic – so check to make sure they are safe for use.

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The best alkaline water pitchers use high quality food-grade components and materials.  They are BPA free and are often made using ABS. ABS (acrylonitrile-butadlene-styrene) is a common plastic found in many kitchen cupboards and is considered safe for use with food and water.

It has impressive thermal resistance qualities, is durable, and impact resistant. You don’t want a pitcher that will leach harmful chemicals into your water or break the first time you drop it.


The price of an alkaline water jug ranges roughly from $30 up to $130 depending on the model you are looking at. As with anything in life the cheapest model is rarely the best and may cut corners on design and durability.

Most of the countertop pitchers and smaller devices sit on the lower end of that pay range, while the larger pitchers and the units designed to fit into a fridge tend to cost a little more.

Overall, an alkaline water pitcher is a very cost-effective way of producing your own alkaline water at home. You’ll save a lot of money when you ditch buying the bottled water in the store and begin making your own.


A warranty offers some peace of mind when it comes to purchasing any appliance. Take a look to see what the company offers for the pitcher you are interested in.

Compare the warranty on similar models and see if you can find a better offer. Typical warranty periods vary from as little as 30 days right up to 2/3 years for the best water pitchers.


Is the pitcher you are interested in easy to use? Filling with water and replacement of the filters should be a straight forward process.

It should have a simple reliable design that involves flipping the lid and pouring in your regular tap water up top. Then gravity will slowly pull the water through the filter allowing purified alkaline water to gather in the lower reservoir.

Are there any special or complex requirements for the switching out of the filter cartridges? It should be as easy as sliding the old one out and gently sliding the new one into place. You may want to avoid pitchers that have any complex operational procedures.


Replacing the filter cartridges should be a simple process. The best water pitchers have been designed to make this an effortless task.

All you need to do is open the lid, firmly grip the old filter, and gently slide it up and out of the pitcher – ready for disposal. The new filter may require a rinse before being positioned in its housing. Just quickly run in under the cold tap and allow some water to pass through the inside of it.

Then it’s just a matter of sliding the new filter into place. Gently position it in the pitcher making sure any notches are correctly aligned and then press firmly to ensure it is sitting correctly and tightly sealed in place.


Do you have a preference for a specific brand of alkaline water pitcher? Different brands offer a range of different features, specifications, and filter types.

For some customers brand name is all-important and comes with a sense of trust and loyalty. Among the leading brands of alkaline water pitchers are – Tyent, EHM, Seychelle, Aquagear, and Lake Industries.


Take a moment to consider the design of the pitcher and how it will fit into your kitchen. Factors to consider include size, placement, ergonomics, and aesthetics.


What are the dimensions of the pitcher? Is it too big, too small, just right?  How will it fit into your kitchen work space?  Try and get an idea of the size of pitcher you are looking for.


Where do you plan to place it? And, will it fit neatly? Think about where you plan to store it – countertop or inside the fridge.


Does it have an easy-grip ergonomic handle? The pitcher will get heavy when fully loaded with water so you want something that will be comfortable to grip and carry.


Looks are important. It’s going to feature prominently in your kitchen. Are you happy with how the alkaline water jug looks and matches your kitchen design?

Alkaline Water Pitcher FAQ

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What Is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

An alkaline water pitcher is a special type of pitcher that increases the pH of your water to create alkaline water. Regular tap water is added to the top of the pitcher, it then passes through a filter and is collected underneath. Most pitchers also remove contaminants to create a better tasting, purer water.  To learn more about alkaline water, see our guide – What Is Alkaline Water?

How Do They Work?

Alkaline water pitchers contain a special type of filter that adds alkaline minerals to the water as it passes through. The alkaline minerals increase the pH of the water to create alkaline water. They are typically made from carbon or ceramic material and can also remove contaminants.

How Do You Use One?

Using an alkaline pitcher is simple. Just flip the lid open and add regular water to the top reservoir. Then just sit back and let the pitcher do its thing. Gravity will pull the water through the filter and the alkaline water will be collected in the lower reservoir ready for drinking.

Are Alkaline Water Pitchers Safe?

When purchasing an alkaline pitcher – check the product description and pay attention to the safety/manufacturing standards.  Check it is made from suitable materials. If the product is being sold in the EU check for a CE mark and make sure the materials BPA free.

Alkaline Water Pitcher vs Alkaline Water Machine

Which is better – an alkaline water pitcher or an alkaline water machine? Well, ultimately they do the same job, but a pitcher is smaller and more affordable. Most pitchers are designed to fit neatly inside a fridge while a machine will sit on a countertop.

If you want to make larger amounts of alkaline water then an alkaline water machine is the best option.  For more information, see our guide to making alkaline water at home – click here.

Are There Any Other Types Of Countertop Water Filter?

Yes, you can also try a countertop reverse osmosis water filter.  These devices perform a very high level of filtration.  But, they don’t product alkaline water.  If you prefer water filtration, check out our guide to reverse osmosis countertop water filters – over here.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has an increased pH level – making it the opposite of acidic water. It has become incredibly popular recently due to the health benefits many people claim it has.

Fans of alkaline water believe it can restore balance in the body and neutralize excessive levels of acidity.  Alkaline water is one part of ionized water, the other being acidic water.  For more information, see our guide – What Is Ionized Water?

What Are the Benefits?

First up – medical professionals make it clear there is no concrete evidence for any of the health claims surrounding alkaline water. The research and scientific data just do not exist.

However, advocates believe it can neutralize acidity in the body and act as an antioxidant – boosting overall health and help prevent disease.  For more information on the pros & cons of alkaline water – click here.

What Is Ionized Water?

Ionized water is regular water that has been broken down into alkaline water and acidic water using an electrochemical process. Water ionizer machines Use this process to convert tap water into alkaline and acidic water.

What Contaminants Do Water Filter Pitchers Remove?

Water filter pitchers can remove a wide range of water contaminants including lead, copper, mercury, chlorine, pesticides, and other unwanted organic compounds. An activated element inside the filter attracts contaminants by a process known as adsorption and then securely holds them in place. Each pitcher is different, so just check the specification.

Do They Remove Fluoride in Water?

No, in general, water pitchers do not remove fluoride. It is a very difficult chemical to remove from water. Specialist equipment is needed – such as a reverse osmosis filtration system. It is a complex water purification step that cannot be completed using a water pitcher.

What About TDS?

TDS stands for total dissolved solids. It is a measure of all the organic and inorganic matter that is dissolved in a sample of water. TDS is primarily made up of dissolved sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, sulfate, and nitrates.  For more on TDS, see – What is TDS in Water?

What does BPA-free mean?

BPA-Free means the water does not contain any BPA. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical used to produce common plastics. It is believed to have a negative effect on our health. BPA can leach from plastic bottles and containers into our food and water.

How to Change a Water Pitcher Filter

Changing a water pitcher is easy. Open the lid and gently remove the old filter. Take the new filter and rinse it under the cold tap. Gently slide the new filter into place and align any grooves or notches. Make sure it is positioned firmly in its cradle so that it creates a tight seal. Then fill the pitcher with cold water.

How Often Should I Change the Alkaline Filter?

Each filter will vary and lifespan will be affected by usage levels. Some filters come with an indicator that will tell you when it needs to be changed. But, as a general rule of thumb, you can aim to change your filter every 6 months.

How to Know When to Change the Filters?

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for guidance on when to change your filter. Each model varies. Some come with an indicator on the side that will tell you when it needs to be replaced. But, as above, you can aim for every 6 months if you have no other guidance.

What Is a Cartridge Water Filter?

A cartridge water filter is a type of water filter used to remove water impurities before the water reaches our taps. The water is filtered as it passes through the cartridge and makes physical contact with the filtration media. Examples include carbon cartridges, sediment cartridges, and reverse osmosis membrane cartridges.

What Is a Carbon Filter?

A carbon water filter uses activated carbon, sometimes referred to as charcoal, to remove contaminants from water. They are especially effective at removing organic pollutants and have been used to purify water for many years. Coconut shells, wood, and coal are commonly used to make the carbon media.

How Does a Carbon Filter Work?

Carbon filters are packed with highly porous carbon granules that have an incredibly high surface area. As the water passes through the filter it contacts the carbon media. Contaminants are attracted to the carbon, bind to it, and are securely held in place. This way they are removed from the water as it passes through.



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