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Alkaline water has a pH greater than 7 – it is the opposite of acidic water.  It has become incredibly popular in recent years due to its potential health benefits.

Enthusiasts believe it boosts health in several areas including – balancing acidity levels, improved hydration, and soothing acid reflux. However, the science to back-up these claims is yet to be clearly established.

Alkaline water has seen an incredible surge in popularity. Its proponents claim that drinking alkaline water is a powerful and natural way to boost health in a number of areas.



They believe it can neutralize excess acidity in your body and restore balance. However, medical professionals point out there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims.

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Alkaline water has a pH greater than 7. The pH scale is used to measure how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale from 0 to 14.

Regular water has a neutral pH of 7. Acidic water has a pH below 7, and alkaline water has a pH greater than 7. Typically, alkaline water for drinking has a pH between 7.5 and 9. Anything higher than 9 should be avoided.


Proponents of alkaline water believe it can boost health across a wide spectrum of areas. They claim it is very good for you and the potential benefits include restoring balance of acidity levels, improved hydration, and easing acid reflux.

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While several small studies have been carried out and have reached positive conclusions – the Mayo Clinic has stated that the hard evidence to fully verify these claims has not been established.


Although conclusive evidence has not been established many people swear by its life-changing effects. Fans of alkaline water claim it restores the natural pH balance of your body – aligning acidic and alkaline levels.

Modern diets are high in acidic foods – soft drinks, coffee, and processed foods. This can create an imbalance in your pH levels. Alkaline water may help restore a neutral pH level in your body due to its alkaline effect.


Alkaline water has a neutralizing effect on acidic substances. It is believed it can neutralize excess acid in the body. It has the potential to restore the acid-alkaline balance in our digestive system and blood.

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Another key property of alkaline water is its oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). This means it can act as an antioxidant in the body. Antioxidants play an important role in protecting cells and are believed to help prevent serious diseases such as heart disease.


You can make alkaline water at home using regular tap water. All you need is a water ionizer machine.  And, the process, it’s super easy.

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The machine uses an electrochemical process to separate regular tap water into two groups – alkaline water and acidic water. The alkaline water is then siphoned off and collected in a reservoir.






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Alkaline water ionizer machines are readily available online and in large department stores. Prices vary from $250 for a lightweight version to $500 for a top-of-the-range machine.

You can pick up a good quality water ionizer for about $300 that will perform well and stand the test of time. Just make sure you do some research and check the reviews before committing to a purchase and parting with your cash. You can check out our alkaline machine reviews here – Best Alkaline Water Machine.

frequently asked questions

What’s the Difference Between Alkaline Water and Ionized Water?

Ionized water is regular water that has been broken down into alkaline water and acidic water. It is made from regular tap water which has a neutral pH of somewhere around 7.

Once the water is ionized it is separated into alkaline water and acidic water. Alkaline water has a higher pH, somewhere between 7.5 and 9. And acidic water has a lower pH, between 5 and 6.5.

What’s the Difference Between Alkaline Water and Hard Water?

Hard water is water that contains high levels of dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium. It becomes hard when it passes through rocks and absorbs large amounts of minerals.

These mineral deposits usually give it a higher pH value, making it alkaline. Hard water causes problems in the home – it can wear down fixtures and appliances, and reduce the effectiveness of soaps and detergents.

Alkaline water produced at home using a water ionizer machine is not hard water. The water ionizer does not add mineral deposits. It uses an electrical current to raise the pH and create alkaline water.

Alkaline Water or Ionized Water – Which is Best to Drink?

When people talk about drinking ionized water and its potential health benefits they are referring to alkaline water. Ionized water contains two types of water – alkaline and acidic water. The alkaline water is then carefully siphoned and collected. You shouldn’t drink acidic water.

What is the Difference between Purified Water and Alkaline Water?

Purified water is water that has been filtered to remove impurities and toxins such as microbes, metals, and chemical pollutants. Alkaline water is water that has an elevated pH level. Water purification is the process used to make tap water safe for consumption.

What is Alkaline Kangen Water?

Kangen water is produced using a specific brand of alkaline ionizing and filtration machines. The machines are made by a Japanese company “Enagic”. Only alkaline water produced by an Enagic machine can be called Kangen water.

What is an Alkaline Water Pitcher?

An alkaline water pitcher is a type of water jug that contains a special filter that purifies the water and increases its pH to create alkaline water. They work using an alkaline filter.  For the best pitchers on the market today – click here.

What is an Alkaline Water Filter?

An alkaline water filter is a home-device used to produce filtered alkaline water. The filter can remove particulate contaminants such as microbes and metals. An alkaline water filter also increases the pH of the water to create alkaline water.

They are often fitted inside a custom-made water pitcher.  For more on ionizing filters – click here.

What Are Alkaline Water Drops?

Alkaline drops are used to increase the pH of water to make it alkaline. The drops contain alkaline minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium that when added to water increase its pH. They are colorless, odorless, and tasteless.  For more on how to make alkaline water at home – click here.

What is Super Alkaline Water?

Super alkaline water is a special type of water that has a very high pH. It is ‘super alkaline’. Typically it has a pH above 9. It is used for household cleaning – especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Water with a very high pH should not be consumed.

What Does It Taste Like?

There’s very little difference in taste between alkaline water and regular water. Some people say it tastes slightly sweeter, while others feel it tastes slightly bitter. The type of ionizer you use may affect how it tastes. But, for the most part, there seems to be very little difference in taste compared to regular water.

What Does It Look Like?

Alkaline water looks just like regular water. There is no perceptible difference in appearance between the two. It looks just like a normal glass of water.

Alkaline Water Brands

The market is saturated with alkaline water brands, (excuse the pun). You can buy the water pre-bottled and ready to drink from most stores – or you can invest in a water ionizer and make it at home.

The leading brands of bottled alkaline water are Essentia, Icelandic Glacial, Life Wtr, Evamor Natural Alkaline, Bai, Core Water, Qure Alkaline Water, Flow Alkaline Spring Water, Phure Alkaline Water, and Aqua Hydrate.

What Is an Alkaline Water Ionizer?

This is a machine that ionizes regular water to create acidic and alkaline water. It uses an electrochemical process to generate the two water types – which are then collected separately.  For more information, check out – The Advantages of an Alkaline Water Machine.

Can Alkaline Water Help with Acid Reflux?

Alkaline water may offer up a simple remedy for treating heartburn and acid reflux. But, like with all the health claims associated with alkaline water, there is little scientific evidence to back it up.

Alkaline water enthusiasts claim that it can help neutralize excess acidity in the stomach. This may play a role in easing the symptoms of acid reflux.  Find out more about the pros and cons of alkaline water – click here.

Will Alkaline Water Help You Lose Weight?

It’s a popular headline – Alkaline Water Helps Weight Loss. But wait, there is no clear evidence to validate these claims. It’s an assertion many advocates like to make.
Nutritionists aren’t buying it and say the data to back up these claims just doesn’t exist. It may be more of a sales pitch than anything else.


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