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Ionized water is a special type of water created using an electrochemical process called water ionization. Ionization uses an electric current to split regular water into two groups – alkaline water and acidic water. Ionized water has a wide range of advantages and applications.  Below we cover all you need to know about – What Is Ionized Water?


There are two types of ionized water – regular ionized water and strong ionized water. Regular ionized water is made using tap water.

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Strong ionized water is made by adding salt to the ionization process. Both of these categories produce acidic and alkaline ionized water.


The ionization of tap water creates acidic ionized water and alkaline ionized water. The acidic water is used to rinse hair and skin. Alkaline ionized water is consumed as it is believed by many to have a range of health benefits. 


Strong ionized water is created by adding salt to the ionization process. This produces strong alkaline water and strong acidic water. Both of these water types are used for cleaning, disinfecting, and bleaching.


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There are many popular uses of ionized water. The most popular is the consumption of alkaline ionized water as many believe it can help boost health. The possible health benefits of alkaline ionized water include helping with obesity, reducing blood pressure, and detoxification. These health benefits are contested by medical professionals who say there is no scientific data to back up these claims.


Ionized acidic water is not for consumption. It is used to rinse hair and cleanse the skin. It is believed that the acidic water can help skin conditions such as acne. It is also used to water plants.


Strong ionized water is used for cleaning and disinfecting and should never be consumed. Salt is added to the water before electrolysis. Both the acidic and alkaline versions of strong ionized water are used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.


It’s made through an electrochemical process called ionization, sometimes referred to as electrolysis. This can be done at home using a water ionization machine and some regular tap water.

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All you need to do is run the water through the ionizer machine and it takes care of the rest. Some of these machines will also purify the water to remove contaminants before you drink it.


Water ionization is the process of generating ionized water. During ionization, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen molecules using an electric current.  This process creates two distinct groups of water. The water close to the anode is acidic and the water close to the cathode is alkaline. The two water types are then siphoned off and collected.

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The formula for water is H2O. It is made of one hydrogen atom and two oxygen atoms. Water can also contain H+ and OH– ions. This happens when one of the hydrogen atoms splits from the H2O molecule.

The electrochemical reaction that occurs during water ionization is described below.

the chemical reaction for the ionization of water

If the number of H+ ions is greater than the number of OH- ions, then the water is acidic.
And if the number of
OH- is greater than the number of H+ then the water is alkaline.


The pH scale is used to show if water is acidic or alkaline. The scale runs from 0 to 14. If the water is neutral, like regular drinking water, it has a pH of 7.

Alkaline water has a higher number, usually between a pH of 8-9. Acidic water has a lower pH number typically 5-6.  Learn more about alkaline water – see here.


The benefits of ionized water have been enjoyed around the world for many years.  And, it has seen a recent surge in popularity. The main attraction of ionized water is its possible health benefits. These include restoring the pH balance of the body, boosting levels of energy, and increased hydrating effect.

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However, some people claim more research needs to be done to back up these health benefits. While studies have been done that support the claims, other medical professionals say we need more scientific evidence to back it up.




frequently asked questions

What Is Natural Ionized Water?

Natural ionized water is water that’s ionized in the natural world – without human intervention. This happens when water passes through rocks and picks up mineral particles. 

These minerals increase the alkaline level of the water, creating naturally ionized water. Ionized water that is produced at home using an ionization machine is sometimes referred to as artificial ionized water.

Where Does It Come From?

Natural ionized water comes from water that has passed over or through rock formations. It can be found in mountain streams or rocky springs. As the water passes through these rocks it picks up small amounts of minerals and becomes naturally ionized.


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What Is Autoionization of Water? 

Autoionization of water is a chemical reaction that can occur naturally when water molecules collide. When this happens, a water molecule, (H2O), loses a hydrogen atom to become OH− and H+. The hydrogen ion then joins with another water molecule to form hydronium, (H3O+ ).

Autoionization of water can happen when two water molecules collide and a hydrogen ion transfers from one molecule to the other. The process is also known as the self ionization of water.

Is Ionized Water Safe? 

All water that is bottled and sold as alkaline water or ionized water in the US is subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Any FDA-approved product whether it be food, medicine, or water should be safe to drink.

Ionized water has an increased pH level meaning it is alkali. The pH level should be above 7, usually somewhere around 8-9. Anything above this is too alkaline and should be avoided.  For more information see our alkaline water guide – click here

What Is Ionized Water For Cleaning? 

Strong ionized water is a special type of water used for cleaning. It is made specifically for cleaning and should not be consumed. It is not drinking water. It is made by adding salt to the ionization process.

It creates two types of water – strong acidic ionized water and strong alkaline ionized. Bot these types of water are great cleaning solutions. They are commonly used for cleaning, disinfecting, and bleaching.

What Is Kangen Water? 

Kangen water is the name given to the water produced by the ionizer machines of the Japanese company Enagic. ‘Kangen Water’ is a trademarked term and can only be applied to the water produced by these machines.

These machines filter regular tap water and produce ionized water by electrolysis. The word Kangen means “return to origin” in Japanese.

These machines can produce regular Kangen water that is suitable for drinking and strong Kangen water that can be used for cleaning and food preparation. It is believed that Kangen ionized water is alkaline, antioxidant, and mineral-rich.

Possible Side Effects of Ionized Water

Is ionized water safe, and what are the potential side effects? According to WebMD, it doesn’t pose any serious side effects unless you have kidney disease. They say it could possibly make your skin feel dry or cause an upset tummy. But that’s about it.

However, if you have any concerns about drinking ionized water you should consult a medical professional for advice.  Read more about the potential pros and cons of ionized alkaline water – over here.

Does Ionized Water Kill Bacteria?

Ionized water is great for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Whether it can kill bacteria depends on how acidic the water is. For cleaning, you need to use ‘strong ionized’ water.

Strong ionized water should only be used for cleaning and sterilizing and should never be consumed. Strong acidic water with a pH of approximately 2.7 can be used for cleaning kitchen utensils, countertops, and to prevent cross-contamination.

It is a great choice for cleaning knives and chopping boards that can see an accumulation of bacteria. And it is a popular choice in commercial environments such as – restaurants, nursing homes, and salons.

Is It Good For You?

Advocates of ionized water claim it comes with a range of health benefits. However, some health professionals say that there just isn’t enough scientific evidence there to back up those claims.

The potential benefits of drinking ionized water include increased metabolism, better energy levels, better digestion, reduced bone loss, and improved hydrating ability. However, more scientific research is needed before we can be certain of these health benefits.

Where to Buy Ionized Water

You can make ionized water at home by investing in a water ionizer machine. A small investment upfront means you can save a lot of money down the road and make your own ionized water at home.

If you prefer to buy it ready-made – most supermarkets, health stores, and many online retailers sell a range of ionized water. It is available in regular water bottles an


Is a Water Ionizer Dangerous?



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