What Is Strong Alkaline Water?

Strong alkaline water is water with a very high pH level, typically between 9 and 11. Strong alkaline water is not suitable for consumption as it can disrupt the body’s natural pH balance and cause illness. Below we cover everything you need to know about – What is Strong Alkaline Water?

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Water ionizers are home devices that are used to create alkaline water. In general, alkaline water with a pH value of 7.5-9.0 is used for human consumption. And, anything with a pH above 9 is considered strong alkaline water and should not be consumed.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It does not represent professional medical advice. If you have any concerns related to the use of an alkaline water machine or the consumption of alkaline water – you should consult a medical professional for advice.

Can You Drink Strong Alkaline Water?

No, you cannot drink strong alkaline water. Doing so could make you sick. Strong alkaline water is not suitable for human consumption. It can disrupt the body’s natural pH balance and cause mild to significant illness. And, the higher the pH value of the water – the more severe the effects.

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Strong alkaline water is produced using a water ionizer, also known as an alkaline water machine. While these machines are generally used to make alkaline water for drinking, they can also be used to make strong alkaline water. Alkaline water for drinking has a pH of between 7.5 and 9.0. Anything above this is considered strong alkaline water and should not be consumed.

What is Strong Alkaline Water Used For?

Let’s take a look at what strong alkaline water is used for. If it can’t be consumed, why is it so popular? The answer lies in a wide range of common household applications ranging from cleaning and food preparation to make-up removal and skincare routines. Let’s take a closer look.

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Household Cleaning

Strong alkaline water is an effective cleaning agent and can be used as a natural alternative to harsh chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting. It’s great for wiping down surfaces such as kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, and floors. Strong alkaline water has a sterilizing effect and helps neutralize microbes that can cause illness.

It’s a popular choice for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens and reduces the amount of cleaning solution needed to achieve the same result. It is great at shifting stubborn stains and is often used to scrub ovens and remove difficult stains from rugs and carpets.

Food Preparation

Strong alkaline water is commonly used in food preparation. One of its most popular applications is for rinsing vegetables before they are cooked or served. The high alkaline value is great at removing pesticides and any nasty critters that have attached themselves to the surface of vegetables. For best results, you should soak vegetables for at least 5 minutes.

Cooking & Tenderizing

Strong alkaline water is also used when cooking food. Not only is it great for cleaning but it can be used to help tenderize meat. People soak meat in it for 5-10 minutes before cooking for its tenderizing effect. It is often used in meat stews and casseroles for its tenderizing effect – especially for slow-cooked cheap cuts that tend to be a little tough.

Skincare Routines

Strong alkaline water with a pH of 9.0-11 is used topically for a range of skincare routines. It is used as a natural skin cleanser and face toner as it is great for dissolving oils and removing impurities. Fans of alkaline water believe it helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. It may play a role in treating acne, eczema, or psoriasis but there is little scientific evidence to support these claims.

Make-Up Remover

Strong alkaline water with a pH of 9.0-11 is sometimes used as a makeup remover. The high alkalinity of the water works wonders in dissolving the oils found in make-up products and allows them to be wiped away easily. However, you should note that strong alkaline water may not be suitable for all skin types. It should be used in moderation to prevent a disruption to the pH balance of the skin.

Agricultural Applications

Strong alkaline water can also be used in agriculture. It can be used to treat soil that is too acidic. By adding adding it to the soil, the pH of the soil can be balanced and restored to optimal values. It can also be used as a natural pesticide by spraying plants and crops to protect them from mites and aphids that are known to be sensitive to alkaline substances. However, the use of strong alkaline water in agriculture should be practiced with caution as overuse can result in soil alkalinity can inhibit crop growth.


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What is pH?

PH is a measurement used to show how alkaline or acidic a substance is. The pH scale runs from 0-14. Acidic substances have low pH values, with the most acidic material having a pH of 0. Alkaline substances have high pH values, with the most alkaline substance having a pH of 14. A substance that is neither acidic nor alkaline is considered neutral and has a pH of 7.0. For more, check out this explanation of the pH scale.

What is the Best pH for Alkaline Water for Drinking?

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The best pH for alkaline water for drinking is open to debate. However, most alkaline water products have a pH of 7.5-9.0. Anything above 9.0 should be considered strong alkaline water and should not be consumed. If you have any concerns about drinking alkaline water you should seek the advice of a medical professional. Alkaline water may not be suitable for all individuals, especially those with underlying health conditions, people on medication, and pregnant women.

What About Water With a pH Above 11?

Water with a pH of above 11 is highly alkaline. It is not safe to consume water with a pH above 11. This water is suitable for household cleaning as it has an excellent cleaning effect. It is great for shifting stubborn stains, dissolving grease, and sterilizing surfaces. Alkaline water with a pH above 11 is a great choice for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

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In the kitchen it can be used for cleaning dishcloths, wiping clean countertops, and washing chopping boards. The high pH has a sterilizing effect on many harmful microbes and pathogens. It allows you to use less detergent when washing the dishes. And, it’s great for food preparation. Rinsing vegetables in strong alkaline water helps remove pesticides and any microbes that cling to the surfaces. Remember, never consume alkaline water with a pH of 11.0 or higher.


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